Kim Go Eun Laments The End Of “Goblin” With Thoughtful, Handwritten Farewell Letter

Has anyone gotten over the end of tvN’s “Goblin” yet?

On January 25, actress Kim Go Eun, who played the female lead Eun Tak, posted a handwritten farewell letter through her official fan cafe.

Kim Go Eun

She thanked everyone for their support throughout the run of “Goblin,” and for loving not only the drama, but also her character. Kim Go Eun promised to treasure that love, and that she will return to the small screen with more improvement.

“I still can’t believe the production is finally over, and it feels like if I blow out a candle, the Goblin will appear right in front of my eyes. I was happy to be able to meet Eun Tak through this drama, and I’m thankful for this winter. I’m sure Eun Tak is living happily with Goblin after meeting up with him during her second life,” she wrote.

At the very end, she added another short message, cleverly using one of Kim Shin (Gong Yoo)’s famous lines from the drama, which appeared several times.

Just like her co-star, she said, “Every moment spent with ‘Goblin’ was blindingly bright. Because the day was good, because the day wasn’t good, because the day was just alright. I loved every single day.”

Kim Go Eun signed off with her name, followed by “Go[eu]n Tak,” a combination of her own name and her character’s name Eun Tak.”

The drama may be over, but at least there are still two more special episodes to look forward to!

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