AOA Gathers Fan Suggestions And Reveals Plans For Upcoming Concert

On January 25, AOA had a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live, where fans could send in songs that they would like to see performed during AOA’s upcoming concert “Ace Of Angels.”

This will be the group’s first solo concert, and it will be held on March 11 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul’s Olympic Park.


The broadcast began with the members thanking fans for their second win on “Show Champion” just earlier that day. Chanmi said, “This is the first time we’ve won first place twice in a row. It’s our first full album, and our first time winning first place consecutively, so the happiness is double.”

Jimin then explained the reason behind their V Live broadcast, saying, “We’ve been preparing diligently to show our performances, and we’re curious to know what songs you would like to listen to.”

As requests flooded in, AOA said, “Since there are so many recommendations, it looks like we’ll be showing a lot of stages.”

The requests were mostly for group songs, so the members asked fans for solo suggestions, revealing that they were also in the midst of preparing solo performances. Chanmi said, “I’m currently preparing for a huge dance performance,” at which Jimin jested, “There aren’t many days left till I can stop holding Chanmi back. You’ll see it at the concert.”

A variety of suggestions also came in for Seolhyun, who said, “Some people suggested playing the piano, some suggested dancing, and some also hope to see me play the piano while singing in a drama.”

As the members read through the fan comments, they also gave each other suggestions, such as a vocal performance for Hyejeong. They explained, “She sings really well, but she hasn’t had many opportunities to show it.”

Finally, the girls said they would consider all the comments, and promised to show fans an impressive stage during the concert. Watch the V Live broadcast here!

What performances would you like AOA to include in their concert?

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