Kim Jong Min To Reveal His Home And Love For Hello Kitty On “Good Life”

From starting out as a backup dancer at the age of 18, debuting in the group Koyote, to his current successful career as a variety show personality, Kim Jong Min will soon unveil his home to the public for the first time in his entertainment career.

The singer and comedian will be showing a surprising new side of him in his own home for an upcoming episode of Channel A’s “Good Life,” where he was revealed to even have a special fondness for Hello Kitty.

The feline character appeared to be a favorite of Kim Jong Min who, even at his age, adorably takes a liking to a particular pair of pink Hello Kitty slippers he wears at home.

kim jong min 2

Despite owning dozens of other shoes and slippers, the singer and television personality remarked, “I like these Hello Kitty slippers the most,” and treasures the worn-out pair more than the expensive shoes given by singer and actor Lee Seung Gi as a gift.

His love for the character even led the staff on set to suspect that he may be following the footsteps of the entertainment industry’s resident otaku and Doraemon fanatic, Shim Hyung Tak.

Kim Jong Min’s home will be revealed on the February 4 broadcast of “Good Life.”

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