Rookie Group B.HEART’s Agency Denies Plagiarizing BEAST’s Songs

Rookie four-member boy group B.HEART has been swept up in plagiarism suspicions immediately after debut.

The group’s debut song “Realistic” was released on January 25, after which netizens noticed that the song sounds like a mix of BEAST’s “Ribbon” and “12:30,” and “Butterfly.” Netizens also pointed out that B.HEART’s “Sad” also sounds quite similar to BEAST’s “The Fact.”

In response to netizen protests, B.HEART’s agency Poong Entertainment denied the plagiarism accusations in an official statement on January 26: “It’s a shame that B.HEART’s debut song, which we worked on for a long time, has been accused of plagiarism. B.HEART’s ‘Realistic’ was not plagiarized.”

The agency continued, “After comparing the details of BEAST’s ‘Ribbon,’ the song we are accused of copying, with B.HEART’s ‘Realistic,’ we determined that while it may sound similar to some people, it’s difficult to ascertain that it’s plagiarism.

“It’s not plagiarism, but we do apologize for causing everyone and B.HEART’s fans concern with this matter. We ask that everyone refrain from speculation and unfounded rumors.”

Poong Entertainment then said that StayAlone, the song’s composer, will be making an official statement as well.

B.HEART — including members Tae U, Yongha, Dongwon, Yoon — debuted on JANUARY 25, with “Realistic.”

Compare B.HEART’s and BEAST’s songs and choreography here:

B.HEART – “Realistic”

BEAST – “Ribbon”

B.HEART – “Sad”

BEAST – “The Fact”


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