Namgoong Min’s Goofy Outfits In “Chief Kim” Are Actually His Own Ideas

While Namgoong Min has gotten off to a great start in “Chief Kim,” his eye-catching fashion sense in the drama has doubled the anticipation for future episodes.

With the first episode, the actor made his comical talent known to the audience. Plus, Namgoong Min’s unique fashion makes his character even more hilarious.

In the photos, his character Kim Sung Ryoung is wearing very bold colors and patterned clothes. Some of his outfits don’t quite match with his job title, Chief Kim.

For example, his light brown hair matches the color of his leopard-print shirt, which is paired with a large leather jacket and dark brown pants. His collection of “rustic outfits” definitely makes the viewers anticipate more.

About these outfits, the production company of the drama revealed that, “Namgoong Min came up with these ideas. The sweatshirt that he wore in the jail scene was actually one of his own clothes that he purchased. I think Namgoong Min’s effort to pay attention to little details, such as his hairstyle and fashion, will finally see the light. Please look forward to episode two airing today (January 26).”

“Chief Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!Watch

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