Composer Of B.HEART’s Track Addresses Rumors Of Plagiarizing BEAST’s “Ribbon”

Rookie boy group B.HEART’s track “Realistic” has recently been swept up in controversy for sounding extremely similar to BEAST’s “Ribbon,” combined with two of their other tracks, “12:30” and “Butterfly.”

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Following their agency’s denial, composer StayAlone has spoken out about this matter.

He wrote, “Hello. This is producer StayAlone.

While the songs recently involved in the plagiarism controversy, BEAST’s ‘Ribbon’ and B.HEART’s ‘Realistic’ may sound very similar to the audience, if you compare the two tracks, it is difficult to say that there is a likeness between the two melodies.

Furthermore, to offer an explanation for the opinion that the instrumentals for ‘Realistic’ and ‘Ribbon’ are similar, tracks in a triple time have a smaller range of difference compared to those in quarter time. In addition, the use of a similar fill-in may cause the listening audience to perceive the two tracks as having a similar atmosphere.

I would like to state that it was not plagiarism, and that I should have been more attentive about the controversial parts that caused misunderstandings. It was my mistake to not have been more prudent.

I send my apologies to everyone at Around Us as well as seniors Yong Junhyung and Kim Tae Ju, who were inconvenienced by this matter. I will be more careful producing every track after track, from now on, to make sure something like this does not happen again. I will become a producer who works harder.

I sincerely apologize once again to the respective groups’ fans as well as the general public for causing worry.”

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안녕하세요. 작곡가 StayAlone 입니다. 최근 표절 논란이 제기된 비스트의 ‘리본(Ribbon)’ 과 비하트의 ‘실감나’ 는 청자분들에 따라 유사하게 들릴 수도 있지만 두 곡을 비교해보면 멜로디의 유사성이 있다고 보기는 어렵습니다. 또한 ‘실감나’ 의 inst와 ‘리본(Ribbon)’ 의 inst가 느낌이 비슷하다는 의견에 답변을 드리자면, 3박자 계통의 음악 특성상 4박자 계통의 음악 보다는 편곡의 폭이 비교적 좁은데다 유사한 필인을 사용함으로써 들으시는 청자분들께서 분위기가 유사하게 들릴수도 있습니다. 표절이 아님을 말씀 드리지만 오해의 소지가 있는 부분에 대해서 좀더 신경 썼어야 했고 신중하지 못했던 제 불찰임을 말씀드립니다. 이번 논란으로 인해 불편하셨을 어라운드 어스 관계자 분들 및 용준형 선배님과 김태주 선배님 두 분께 송구스럽다는 말씀 전합니다. 다시는 이런 논란이 없게끔 앞으로 한곡 한곡 작업함에 있어서 신중을 기하며 좀더 노력하는 작곡가가 되겠습니다. 대중분들과 특정 그룹의 팬분들에게 심려를 끼쳐드린 점 또한 다시한번 진심으로 사과드립니다.

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Kim Tae Ju, the co-composer of “Ribbon,” commented on this post and said, “Hey. Aren’t you being too shameless right now?”

Kim Tae Ju

Yong Junhyung has also addressed this issue, offering a very different explanation of the situation from his perspective.

What are your thoughts on StayAlone’s explanation and apology?

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