Jo Woo Jin Has Nothing But Love For Yook Sungjae And Their Work Together In “Goblin”

Jo Woo Jin recently expressed his affection for Yook Sungjae.

The actor played Kim Do Young, the secretary to the third generation chaebol Yoo Duk Hwa, in tvN’s hit drama “Goblin.” He was like a shadow, and though he held the title of “secretary,” he was more like a teacher, helping the childish Duk Hwa learn important life lessons. Often as a teacher and student, and often as a father and son, the duo brought as much chemistry to the drama as Goblin (Gong Yoo) and Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) did.

Just like how Secretary Kim cared about Duk Hwa, Jo Woo Jin didn’t hold back on his praise for Yook Sungjae. Regarding their chemistry, he stated, “We wouldn’t have shined if it wasn’t for Yook Sungjae’s reactions. Watching him act has been both very surprising and enjoyable. Every time I saw him act, I’d think to myself, ‘Would I have been such a flexible actor at that age?’ He has great reactions as an actor, able to come up with great reactions that aren’t written into the script.”

Yook Sung Jae Jo Woo Jin

Jo Woo Jin said he still remembered the scene in which Duk Hwa and Secretary Kim appear for the first time. Duk Hwa says, “A girl will call you. Just tell her that I work at this company,” to which Kim Do Young says, “But you don’t.”

He added, “There was nothing in the script telling Yook Sungjae how Duk Hwa should react to that. So he added in a sly expression and used his hand to brush off Secretary Kim’s words, and that made the scene much more fun. Our first scene went so well that it made me excited about our future scenes together. He has this natural instinct to know what lines and reactions will bring each scene to life.”

The actor emphasized that he wants to work with Yook Sungjae again as he said, “I was slightly disappointed that we couldn’t share more about the relationship and backstory of Secretary Kim and Duk Hwa. Near the end of filming, I told him that I hope we get to work together in another drama. I think it would be funny if I played the childish one and he was the mature one next time.”

Did you love Duk Hwa and Secretary Kim’s chemistry in tvN’s “Goblin”?

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