Min Hyo Rin Responds To Rumors Surrounding Her Pets On Instagram

Actress Min Hyo Rin recently updated her Instagram with a post that seemed to respond to curious rumors that had arisen about her many pets.

A look through old Instagram posts will show a variety of pets that the actress has had over the years. Curious netizens started to comment on her pictures asking about pets that had been on posts in the past, including a chihuahua and a Boston terrier. They started to wonder if Min Hyo Rin “switches” out her pets frequently, instead of keeping them for a long time. In addition, a post of a dog that the actress had posted in August of 2014 was strangely deleted from her account, which fueled the rumors even more.

Perhaps as a result, Min Hyo Rin took to her Instagram on January 28 with a cute photo of her dog with a simple comment, “Our dog is doing well^^.”

우리강아지 잘있어요^^

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Hopefully that will calm down these silly rumors!

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