Ji Chang Wook Says He’s Willing To Cross-Dress For A Role

Actor Ji Chang Wook conveyed his desire to take on different genres and roles on “Entertainment Weekly.”

On the January 28 episode of the KBS2 show, the actor sat down for an interview ahead of the release of his film “Fabricated City.”

Ji Chang Wook shared his thoughts on portraying his first lead character in a movie and said, “I worried a lot when it first started. I was uneasy about whether I could lead a movie well as the main actor. I was under a lot of pressure.”

The interviewer then asked him why he was cast for the role, and he answered, “There are many good-looking actors. I think it may be because of a different, better quality.”

ji chang wook

When he was praised for his famed talent for acting in action projects, he joked, “I wasn’t born to do action. I think I can do melodramas well too!”

During the interview, Ji Chang Wook was asked if he’d be willing to cross-dress for a work. “Of course,” he answered, and said he would be willing to play any role if it fit with the tone of the work.

His film “Fabricated City” will premiere on February 9.

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