Watch: Block B’s P.O Has A Hilariously Hard Time Waking Up “Insolent Housemates” Castmates

Could the cast of the MBC reality series “Insolent Housemates” be any cuter?

In the January 28 episode, Block B’s P.O struggles with the task of waking up fellow castmates Hong Jin Young and Kim Shin Young.

In the episode, the rapper had lost a bet the night before, which resulted in a penalty of having to be the one who cooks everyone else’s ramen in the morning. As the first person to wake up, he heads straight to the kitchen to prepare the noodles then tries to figure out the best strategy to waking up the other housemates.


Following house rules, he bravely goes to knock on on their doors, but chickens out at first, afraid of how angry they would be at him for waking them up. Once he finally does find the courage to knock, it seems that they are both sleeping so soundly they couldn’t even hear him.

For his second attempt, he takes out his electric razor and starts shaving his chin in the middle of the living room, hoping the buzzing sound would disrupt their sleep. However, this doesn’t work either.


P.O then pulls out the walkie-talkie Hong Jin Young gave him and begins quietly saying “Wake up please.” The attempt to wake her up with something more gentle than a knock is yet another fail.

Another knock at the door wakes Hong Jin Young up, but the singer is reluctant to leave her room and even starts falling back asleep while sitting up in bed. As his attempts to wake them up get increasingly creative, P.O picks a song off of his phone and starts playing it loudly in the living room.


The sound gets Hong Jin Young, decked out in her panda pajamas, to come out of her room. A satisfied P.O teases her for how sleepy she looks before returning to his walkie-talkie and cutely continues trying to beckon Kim Shin Young awake.

Finally, Hong Jin Young bursts into Kim Shin Young’s room and begins singing loudly and knocking on the walls until she wakes up and comes out of her room.

“Insolent Housemates” is a three episode pilot series that aired on January 27 and 28.

Check out full clips of P.O’s several attempts below!

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