I Talks About Her Debut As A Solo Artist And The Pressure Of Being Known As Baro’s Younger Sister

Three weeks into her solo debut, I (Cha Yoon Ji) recently gave an interview where she shared her feelings about being a solo artist in a group-dominated industry and the burden associated with having a famous sibling.

“My debut seems like it was only yesterday, but this is already the third week,” she said. “Time goes by really fast. During my first week of promotions, I struggled to even find the camera, but now I think I’ve gotten used to things a little. Every time I can stand on the stage and sing my song, I feel happy.”

In this day and age, it is rare to see a solo female artist that is not affiliated with any idol group. When asked about what set her apart, I said, “I think that the ‘neutralness’ of my choreography is a highlight. Lots of female artists do a cute, pretty, or sexy concept, but mine is very neutral.”

She added, “It was very helpful that many people already knew me as Baro’s younger sister and were interested in me. The pressure is heavy, but it makes me work harder so as not to disappoint them.”

I is the younger sister of B1A4’s rapper Baro, and trained under the same agency as him for many years before debuting earlier this month. “If I don’t do well, my brother might get blamed, so sometimes I worry about that,” I said. “I work hard so that my brother won’t be troubled. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am now. I want to become a mature singer that can be a support to my brother and that my fans can be proud of.”

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