5urprise And Apink Bewilder And Bedazzle As “In-Laws” In “We Got Married” Preview

The next episode of “We Got Married,” as befitting the Lunar New Year holidays, will feature several appearances from the in-laws!

First, 5urprise will guest as Gong Myung’s brothers and Jung Hye Sung’s brothers-in-law, and due to their good looks and charm, get along with their sister-in-law a lot better than Gong Myung wants them to.

It was reported earlier that 5urprise will be helping Gong Myung with a proposal, and indeed something in the preview brings Jung Hye Sung to the brink of hopefully happy tears.

Apink will also guest in the episode as they come over to Bomi and Choi Tae Joon’s house. Apink, legendary for their energy, quickly tire Choi Tae Joon out, and when he cooks for them, they’re not afraid to be honest about their opinions.

You can watch the preview below!