Block B’s P.O Loses Mother To Chronic Illness, Seven Seasons Releases Statement

Block B member P.O’s mother has passed away.

On January 29, a representative from Block B’s agency Seven Seasons sent their condolences and spoke to fans in an letter released through Korean media.

The official statement reads:

“Hello, this is Seven Seasons.

“On the morning of January 27, Pyo Ji Hoon (P.O) lost his mother to a chronic illness.

“Pyo Ji Hoon and his family have held her wake and said their final goodbyes.

“As respect to the family of the deceased, the funerary process was held in private and closed off from press and fans until she was laid to rest on the morning of January 29. We request fans’ understanding for not informing them sooner.

“May she rest in peace.”

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