Jo In Sung Admits He Dreams Of Getting Married Early, Describes His Ideal Type

Jo In Sung described his ideal type and shared his dream of getting married soon on “Entertainment Weekly”!

On the January 28 broadcast of the KBS2 show, the stars of the movie “The King,” Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung, and Bae Sung Woo, appeared as guests.

During the show, the host brought out sign boards with statements the actors made in past interviews, including one by Jo In Sung where he had said, “My ideal type is a gentle woman.”

jo in sung bae sung woo jung woo sung

Jo In Sung then explained, “While there are people who you just intuitively find beautiful right away, there are those who you may not really notice at first, but seem like gentle women the more you talk to them.”

When asked who they think will get married first among them, Bae Sung Woo chose Jo In Sung. He revealed, “He has a desire to get married quickly,” to which Jo In Sung simply said, “Yes,” and nodded in agreement.

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