January Singer Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

Following the boy group brand reputations for January, the Korean Business Research Institute has revealed the overall brand reputations for singers for January 2017.

The ranking was based on the combined analysis of positive and negative comments, media attention, consumer interest, and traffic. The analysis helps see who is talking about brands and where, how, how much, and why they are doing so.

For January 2017, BTS came in first place with a total of 15,940,973 points, a 25.52 percent increase from last month’s 12,699,613 points.

Second place went to TWICE with a total of 13,818,852 points, which is 8.08 percent less than their December ratings of 15,033,325 points. EXO came in at third place with 13,605,851 points, a 19.30 percent increase from last month’s 11,404,725 points.

The full list of rankings is as follows:

  1. BTS
  2. TWICE
  3. EXO
  5. I.O.I
  7. Red Velvet
  10. Lim Chang Jung
  11. VIXX
  12. Taeyeon
  13. Zico
  15. IU
  16. BTOB
  18. Bolbbalgan Sachoongi
  19. BeWhy
  20. Heize
  22. Lovelyz
  23. Han Dong Geun
  24. Sung Si Kyung
  25. Park Hyo Shin

A source from the Korean Business Research Institute stated, “BTS came in at first place this month as the members branch out into variety shows. BTS gained global popularity last year with their ‘Wings’ album entering the US Billboard 200 Charts (26th place) and the UK Charts (62nd place). They will be releasing a new album on February 13.”

They continued to add, “Brand keywords associated with BTS were ‘Big, cute, donated, appeared,’ and links associated with them were ‘Laws of the Jungle, Golden Disc, fan sign events.’ The ratio of positive to negative comments showed that 87.08 percent of comments were positive.”

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