“Voice” Cast Makes Ratings Promises Including Jang Hyuk Rapping Over Walkie Talkie

We might be able to see a return of rapper Jang Hyuk if his new drama continues to fare well in the ratings!

On January 29, the actors of the new OCN drama “Voice” held a broadcast on V Live and revealed what they will do if the drama hits 8 percent in the ratings.

Actor Jang Hyuk went first, saying, “If ‘Voice’ goes over 8 percent, I will rap over a walkie talkie!”

Lee Ha Na chimed in, “If we hit over 8 percent, I will sing a song,” and Yesung added that he will hold a special meeting with the viewers of the show.

The cast members also shared some stories behind the filming. Jang Hyuk joked, “I have more scenes that film outdoors than indoors and there are a lot more scenes where I have to use my body than ones where I have a lot of lines. It’s difficult when I have a lot of lines [to memorize].”

Yesung also added, “I communicate with Jang Hyuk a lot through the walkie talkie and so I don’t get a chance to see him a lot on set. I want to be able to act alongside him and learn from him.”

Lee Ha Na gave her two cents on filming as well, saying, “I talked a lot with the director to learn how I can best act the role of a person who had lost their family. I told him to help me later on to get married as well.”

Check out the first episode of the drama on Viki here below!

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