San E Shares Why He Wanted To Collaborate With MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

Rapper San E expressed his high regard for MAMAMOO member Hwasa’s talent and charisma!

On the January 30 Lunar New Year special of SBS PowerFM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” the rapper appeared as a guest and shared how Hwasa came to participate in his new track “I Am Me.”

During the show, DJ Park So Hyun teased, “In your new song, how did you end up abandoning [After School’s] Raina who you often collaborate with, and working with Hwasa instead?”

San E responded, “It’s not that I abandoned her. A few days ago Raina even messaged to congratulate me for the album. We’re partners.”

The DJ then asked playfully, “If you’re partners, why did you choose Hwasa?”

He answered, “It’s a funky song so it seemed to match Hwasa. She has a unique charm.”

When asked what recording with Hwasa for the first time was like, San E shared, “It’s a quality of talented singers that when you tell them to just do it in their style, they do well on their own.”

He continued, “People refer to MAMAMOO as more than just idols. They’re young, but their singing abilities are astounding,” and continued showering Hwasa with praise.

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