Update: Block B Releases New Set Of Quirky Special Photos For Upcoming Track “Yesterday”

Update February 1 KST:

Block B has now shared another set of fun photos for their new single!

block b po block b zico 2 block b taeil 2 block b b bomb 2 block b jaehyo 2 block b u kwon 2 block b park kyung 2

block b 1


With the release of their upcoming single “Yesterday” only less than a week away, Block B has shared some special photos to get fans excited for the track!

On January 31 at midnight KST, Block B began uploading a set of individual photos and a group picture to their official Twitter. The brightly colored and quirky solo pictures give each of the guys a chance to shine, while the group photo shows off their fun dynamic as the guys all hang out together.

Check them out below!

block b zico block b taeil block b bbomb block b jaehyo block b u kwon block b park kyung block b p.o block b special 1

Block B’s new track “Yesterday” is a special single written and composed by member Park Kyung, and is set to be released on February 6.

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