Watch: “The King” Cast Celebrates 4 Million Tickets Sold With Hilarious Dance Video

The leading men of crime thriller “The King” really know how to get down!

After selling more than 4 million tickets, “The King” fulfilled their promise to the fans and released a funny dance video starring actors Jung Woo Sung, Jo In Sung, and Bae Sung Woo.

The video, which was released online on January 30, featured the three stars staying in character as powerful career men. As the people around them waved pom-poms and popped champagne bottles, the actors maintained serious faces as they let loose to “Nan” by 90s K-pop group Clone.

Apparently, the actors put a lot of work into their performance. In the beginning of the video, each one talked about the effort they put into making it. “I can’t dance,” Jo In Sung shyly admitted. “I practiced dancing with Bae Sung Woo for about a month!” “I studied dancing. I wanted to dance really well,” Jung Woo Sung added with a hilarious amount of passion.

However, Bae Sung Woo brought a different amount of confidence to the table. “I’m an awesome dancer, of course,” he jokingly bragged.

Check out the cast of “The King” in their special dance video below!

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