QUIZ: Can You Name The K-Drama Based On The Second Lead’s Name?

Second Lead Syndrome (SLS) is very real in the world of dramaland. To those who don’t know what is SLS is, it is the strong feeling of wanting the lead actress of a drama to end with up the second lead. The second lead actor is often recognized as the better man, but you know in the end that the main lead is always the one. I’ve been known to develop severe forms of SLS in the past and it’s always agonizing to see the second lead with a broken heart.

Anyways, based on this theme, I’m back again with a another quiz to test your drama knowledge. This time, I want to know if you can identify various dramas just based on the name of the second lead. Can you get 10/10? Good luck!

The quiz is temporarily unavailable, but will be back shortly! Check our Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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