Jo In Sung Expresses His Love For “The King” Co-Star Ryu Jun Yeol

Jo In Sung revealed how much he cares for his junior and “The King” co-star Ryu Jun Yeol.

According to Sports Seoul, Jo In Sung made a surprise appearance at an interview with Ryu Jun Yeol. He told Ryu Jun Yeol, “I really like you,” and began to explain why.

He said, “Ryu Jun Yeol rose to stardom step by step, experiencing the growing pains that accompany that process. During that time, he hasn’t lost his unique identity as actor Ryu Jun Yeol.”

Jo In Sung then gave his own insight into what makes Ryu Jun Yeol special.

“In the past, quite a few people debuted like Ryu Jun Yeol, gathering experience through theatricals or part-time jobs and then naturally entering the movie industry. Or there were cases like me, where people started off with an agency,” he began.

“But the world has changed. It’s natural for idols become actors, and the way people debut has changed. That’s why Ryu Jun Yeol’s energy is special. His entrance to stardom wasn’t quick, but his advantage is that he has kept working at it without resting,” said Jo In Sung, complimenting Ryu Jun Yeol’s consistent efforts.

Meanwhile, “The King” shares the story of Tae Soo (played by Jo In Sung), who dreams of wielding absolute power. He meets Han Gang Sik (played by Jung Woo Sung), a man who can plan his way to authority, and together they make their way to the throne.

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