In the previous episodes of KBS’s “Hwarang,” Go Ara’s character Aro has had her life threatened twice after accidentally finding out the identity of King Jinheung (Park Hyung Sik). The first time, she was saved by King Jinheung before the Queen’s guard could carry out his order to kill her, while the second time, she was saved by Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon), who took the arrow fired at her by Princess Sook Myung (Seo Ye Ji), again under the Queen’s orders.

However, in the upcoming episode, the danger threatening Aro seems to be greater than anything she’s ever faced. Previously, she was assigned to travel alongside the Princess’s delegation to an antagonistic Baekje to seek amity, a quest that viewers have been told may not end well for the members of the delegation, which also includes King Jinheung, Sun Woo, Soo Ho (Choi Minho), and Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han).

True enough, in the stills recently released by KBS, Aro is seen tied up as a prisoner with other Silla people while being led to some place. Her fear is evident, with a pale face and clenched fists. A bloodstained sword lurks menacingly behind her in the hand of a guard.

go ara

Why she was taken prisoner, will King Jinheung or Sun Woo be able to save her, and what this will mean for the strained relations between Baekje and Silla… the answers will be revealed in tonight’s episode (January 31).

If you’ve yet to start on the series, watch the first episode below!


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