Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao Thanks Members And Fans For Support During 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao recently challenged the rhythmic gymnastics event at the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC), which was broadcast on January 30.

Having won last year’s gold medal for the same event, Cheng Xiao was seen as a strong contender for this year’s title, but unfortunately, she missed the hoop in the first half of her routine. Although she executed the rest of her high-level routine splendidly, the points deducted for her mistake caused her to drop to bronze instead. It was a pity, especially since she had pulled off the routine almost perfectly during the rehearsal.

In a recent interview, Cheng Xiao talked about the love she had received after last year’s win, and the support that came pouring in after this year’s results.

She said, “I felt it was a good stepping stone to let everyone know about Cosmic Girls. Many places came looking for us, so we’ve been enjoying a busy schedule. After yesterday’s ISAC broadcast (January 30), many people felt bad for me and gave me lots of encouragement. I’m always thankful for their consideration. I also feel very happy at having good colleagues, older sisters (unnies), friends, and younger siblings (dongsaengs).”

Cheng Xiao also said that she had practiced countless times over one and a half months, and that she had been very worried since there hadn’t been more time to practice due to Cosmic Girls’ comeback. She also had not expected to make that kind of mistake, so she was thankful that she still received a bronze medal, as she had thought that she would be out of the ranking.

She then apologised to her members and fans, saying, “I’m sorry to members who’ve always supported me, and the fans who watched the championships directly and cried with me. That was why I cried more.”

The young idol finished by saying, “I was able to achieve great results because of the help from many people around me. I’d like to say thank you once again.”

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