Nam Tae Hyun Meets With Fans For First Time In Months Through Instagram Live

On January 31, Nam Tae Hyun greeted his fans through a live broadcast on Instagram, a first since he left WINNER last November. Nam Tae Hyun was dressed comfortably, but his good looks still stood out.

The video was relatively short, and ended around 7 p.m. KST. Even so, fans showed their full appreciation as both Korean and international fans flooded the comments section with “I love you” and heart emoticons, expressing how much they’ve missed the singer.

Being the avid singer that he is, Nam Tae Hyun wowed fans who tuned in with an acoustic performance of “Good Man,” an original composition that he uploaded onto his SoundCloud a while back. He also promised fans that he would be meeting with them more often in future.

Watch the clip below!

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