Update: Cross Gene Shares Dramatic Teaser Images For Their Newest Release “Mirror”

Updated February 4 KST:

After their series of dark and light teaser images, Cross Gene has revealed a few more individual photos of each member. Peculiarly, member Takuya is the only one that seems to fit the “light” side of their contrasting concept, with a stark white wall as his background.

Cross Gene 4 Cross Gene 1 Cross Gene 2 Cross Gene 3 Cross Gene 5

Original February 1 KST:

With only a week left until their comeback, Cross Gene has shared another set of teaser images for “Mirror”!

On February 1 at midnight KST, Cross Gene began releasing a new series of teaser photos that showcase their dark and light concept for their upcoming comeback. The set features contrasting photos of all six guys in either white or black, as well as a version of the photos in antique frames.

cross gene 1 cross gene 2 cross gene 3 cross gene 4

The boy group will be returning on February 8 with their new mini album “Mirror,” which features the title track “Black or White.” They shared a hint at their new album by putting out their pre-release track “White Mind” on January 31.

Cross Gene previously shared teaser photos and a series of quick teaser clips to get fans excited for their comeback.

Are you excited for Cross Gene’s return?