BTS Tries To Win The Heart Of Hard-To-Get “Female Transfer Student” Suga During Hilarious Skit

In January 31’s new episode of “Run BTS!”, the guys of BTS really committed to an acting challenge, which led to hilarious results!

BTS began the show in a classroom set, where they were given the task of writing their own script and acting it out, with each member choosing a role by lottery. After they each picked their characters, everyone burst out in laughter when they found out Suga had picked the slip of paper for the “female transfer student” role.

bts run 2

The other guys all picked other student characters, with some roles surprisingly describing their real selves perfectly (such as Jin’s role as a “handsome idol”) and others being the complete opposite (such as Rap Monster’s “slow-witted student” character).

The members all changed into their uniform costumes before waiting for “female transfer student” Suga to make an appearance. Naturally, the show had to reveal Suga’s outfit in slo-mo, panning slowly from his shoes all the way up to his bob haircut and shiny lip gloss as he made his entrance.

After “class president” Jimin introduced Suga to the class, the guys each took turns trying to win Suga’s heart, with each attempt more ridiculous than the last. Suga’s commitment to the sketch, as he played hard to get and kept tripping the other guys up with his comments, made the scene even more hilarious.

bts run 4

Watch the episode here to see the funny sketch for yourself!

bts run 3

Meanwhile, BTS is currently preparing for a comeback with their new album “WINGS: You Never Walk Alone,” which is due out on February 13.

What is your favorite part of BTS’s new “Run BTS!” episode?