Zion.T Powers Through To The Top Of The Music Charts

Just hours after releasing his newest album “O O,” Zion.T has been killing it on the charts!

As of 5:30 a.m. KST on February 1, the singer’s title track “The Song” marked first on seven out of the eight major digital music charts. The only thing that was blocking him from receiving an all-kill was amusingly himself. His b-side track featuring BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, “Complex,” beat out his title track for first place on olleh.

His success is especially noteworthy considering the fierce competition from Red Velvet, who also made a comeback on the same day, and the strong hold “Goblin” OST tracks have on the charts.

Zion. T 2 Zion. T

While the singer has released many singles in between, “O O” marks his first studio album in four years, and also his first one since his move to Teddy’s sub label under YG Entertainment, The Black Label.

Are you loving Zion.T’s newest release?