Watch: ASTRO Takes Fans Behind-The-Scenes Of Their Winning Rhythmic Aerobics Performance

Having earned the gold medal for rhythmic aerobics at the MBC’s “2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” ASTRO shared a video documenting the journey to their win.

In the clip, the boys can be seen trying out their costumes and goofing off in between practices. However, as soon as rehearsals began, they were hard at work and gave their all as if it was their final performance.


Member MJ, who was unable to join the performance, supported the rest of the group while they practiced, adorably failing at his attempts to mimic their moves.

ASTRO also shared a no-cut footage of their winning number, where they execute their sharp and precise moves as MJ cheered in the audience with a handmade placard.

astro 2

After the performance, the boys took time to meet up with their fans in the audience and greet them personally.

They later gathered backstage, with the gold medal around Eunwoo’s neck. JinJin then expressed his gratitude to their fans, saying, “We’ll work hard as ASTRO to shine in 2017 like this gold medal, so please look forward to us and love us always. I love you!”

Check out the list of winners from the “2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” and watch ASTRO’s behind-the-scenes footage below!