Ji Chang Wook To Possibly Star In One More Drama Before Enlisting In The Army

Ji Chang Wook sat down for an interview with news outlet TV Report and disclosed his plans for the near future.

His upcoming movie “Fabricated City” tells the story of Kwon Yoo (played by Ji Chang Wook), a man who is fabricated as a murderer in a matter of minutes. He and his friends try to unveil the truth behind the case and take revenge. He is characterized as a perfect leader in the game world but an ordinary jobless guy in the real world. It was revealed that Ji Chang Wook personally acted out the action scenes in the film.

In response to a question asking if “Fabricated City” will be his last movie before enlisting in the army, Ji Chang Wook answered, “I’m thinking about doing one more, since I haven’t received a draft notice or an enlistment date yet. Time-wise, a drama will be more adequate than a film.”

“Fabricated City” will premiere on February 9.

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