“Goblin” Fan Becomes Recognized For His Stunningly Realistic Artwork

Truly blessed with “golden” hands!

One particular illustrator has been growing in popularity amongst fellow “Goblin” fans for his artwork, and it’s easy to see why.

Armed with a simple mechanical pencil, he manages to capture the realistic features and essence of the drama’s well-loved characters. He shares his gorgeous artwork on Instagram, where he’s been amassing a growing number of his own fans and followers.

Below are just a few examples of his amazing “Goblin” fan art.

오라버니…??? . . #유인나 #도깨비 #김선 #써니

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Using a photo of Lee Dong Wook as the Grim Reaper as demonstration, the artist also revealed how he typically creates his pieces, although he mentioned that this particular drawing wasn’t to his satisfaction, and was drawn at an uncomfortable angle [because of the camera]. He added that he later ended up fixing the eyes and nose.

Not only have Korean netizens been highly praising him with compliments like “Respect, Amazement, Best,” and “My mom wanted to set this as her profile image as soon as she saw this drawing,” but many international fans have also left positive messages. “Wow, still scary even if he’s just a sketch,” and “Your pics [are] very good .Thank you for sharing,” are just samplings of the numerous comments left behind by worldwide viewers.

While most of his latest artwork focus on the characters of “Goblin,” he’s has drawn everything from characters from other dramas like “Descendants of the Sun” and “Reply 1988,” to K-pop stars like G-Dragon and IU, to animations like the popular movie “Zootopia,” and even popular western actors like Emma Stone and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Which artwork is your favorite?

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