Jun Ji Hyun Thanks Viewers For Giving Her Strength During Challenging Filming Of “The Legend Of The Blue Sea”

Jun Ji Hyun, the star of “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” conveyed her thoughts on the drama as it came to an end recently.

The actress thanked viewers by saying, “Although playing a mermaid was new to me and there were many worries and hardships, I was able to receive strength from the viewers and film happily. Thank you so much for loving ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea.’ I had a difficult time filming, but it will remain in my memories just as much.”

Jun Ji Hyun went on to thank the staff of the drama and said, “It was all thanks to the staff that made it possible for us to film safely during those six months. Thank you and I love you.”

Lastly, she told her fans, “I will work hard to greet you again in another work soon.”

Watch the first episode of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” below!

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