Ryu Hyoyoung And Ryu Hwayoung Show Off Their Sisterly Bond On tvN’s “Taxi”

Twin sisters Ryu Hyoyoung and Ryu Hwayoung guested on the recent episode of tvN’s “Taxi,” where they talked about depending on each other during difficult times.

The two sisters were featured on the February 1 episode, and greatly confused the MCs with their similarities in appearance. They explained that there were key differences between their heights and the moles next to their eyes.

Ryu Hwa Young Ryu Hyo Young

Born within a minute of each other, the two sisters shared that they call each other by their pet name “Ryu.” Ryu Hwayoung also revealed that her sister was a strong foundation that helped her when she separated from T-ara.

Ryu Hwayoung then brought up how she joined the girl group, sharing that her dream was to be an actress at first. She said, “The CEO of my previous agency said that I had the voice of a rapper and suggested that I try my hand at music first. I was convinced to join the group.”

The episode ended on a cliff hanger, with Ryu Hwayoung talking about her departure from T-ara. Her response will be revealed in the next episode!

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