Cosmic Girls’ Exy Reveals Her Favorite, Super Cute, And Super Hilarious Pastime

Cosmic Girls’ Exy and Xuan Yi met with fans through Naver’s V Live on January 2, 5:30 p.m. KST, where they talked about their daily pastimes and fashion.

Exy revealed, “I’m currently playing real-life Pokémon Go. Sister (unnie) Cheng Xiao has a really huge Pokémon ball plushie which she received as a present. I throw that plushie at members while yelling, ‘Get in!'”

Beside her, Xuan Yi complained, “Honestly… when we’re showering, she just opens the door and throws it in.”

cosmic girls exy xuanyi 2

The pair also talked about their outfit of the day, Xuan Yi said, “I’m wearing an outfit overflowing with swag. Although my pants are ripped, I don’t feel cold,” while Exy said, “There’s a point to my outfit. t’s the cute socks. I’m a stickler about socks. I feel that socks complete an outfit. That’s why socks are the point.”

Watch the V Live video here!

Are you going to give Exy’s version of Pokémon Go a try?

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