Namgoong Min Warns Opponent To Not Mess With Him In “Chief Kim” Stills

The drama “Chief Kim” is performing very well in terms of ratings, and it has released new preview stills of Namgoong Min showing off his feisty attitude.

In episode four, the CEO’s son of TQ Group, Park Myung Suk (played by Dong Ha), visits the accounting department and creates a scene. This bothers Kim Sung Ryong (Namgoong Min) so he ends up twisting Park Myung Suk’s arm to make him be quiet. When the son becomes flustered and Kim Sung Ryong doesn’t let go of his arm, other accounting workers have to step in to put an end to this fight.

Namgoong Min Chief Kim 2

When this scene was filmed, Namgoong Min and his partner Dong Ha rehearsed the stunt various times and remained focused on perfecting the scene. Namgoong Min’s fast reflexes were essential for this scene to work out well. Therefore, Namgoong Min practiced and repeated his steps multiple times before the actual take.

When the camera started rolling, the actor completed the scene in one take and immediately asked Dong Ha if he was okay as soon as the director called cut. Then Namgoong Min returned to his jolly self as he laughed along with other staff members while monitoring his scenes.

The production company of the drama stated, “Namgoong Min is giving his all to make his character come to life in every single scene. Please look forward to seeing Namgoong Min’s adventurous journey to become ‘Chief Kim’ in episode four.”

“Chief Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!Watch

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