T-ara’s Jiyeon Assures Fans She’s Doing Well After Her Break-Up With Lee Dong Gun

T-ara’s Jiyeon updated fans on how she’s doing after her and Lee Dong Gun ended their relationship.

On February 2, Jiyeon conducted a live broadcast session through Instagram and communicated with her fans worldwide. The stream gathered 3,000 fans, which is more than usual, partially because Jiyeon’s breakup with Lee Dong Gun had been announced the day before.

Jiyeon said that she was in a cafe with member Qri, and she seemed quite bright despite fans’ concerns. One fan wrote, “Jiyeon unnie, please cheer up,” and Jiyeon laughed when she read it. The singer assured, “I’m okay.”

Jiyeon 1

During the live broadcast, Jiyeon and Qri wore black hats and only showed part of their faces. They shyly commented, “We’re sorry for not having any makeup on.” Jiyeon’s father also tuned in during the broadcast, and she greeted him with joy.

Lastly, she told her fans, “Everyone, please be healthy, and Happy New Year!”

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