Watch: Mad Clown Releases Sweet Yet Melancholic “Lost Without You” Featuring Bolbbalgan4

Another great collaboration has released some great music together!

On February 3, Mad Clown dropped his latest single, “Lost Without You,” featuring popular indie duo Bolbbalgan4, who saw great success with their track “Galaxy” last year.

The simple black-and-white music video features shots of the artists in the studio, preparing for and recording the very same track that plays throughout. While the song appears to mainly feature Bolbbalgan4’s Ahn Ji Young, Woo Ji Yoon can be spotted helping providing insight throughout the creative process.

While the melody itself sounds laid back and sweet at first listen, the lyrics of “Lost Without You” are much more melancholic, talking about regrets after a one-sided break-up. It features Mad Clown’s signature rapping tone and style, accompanied by Ahn Ji Young’s clear and resonant voice.

Give the track a listen below and let us know your thoughts!