Watch: Oh My Girl’s Jiho and Ye Jung Hwa Dance With Sooyoung, With Differing Results

On the February 2 broadcast of “We Will Eat Well,” Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung was able to see two very different renditions to Girls’ Generation songs!

Oh My Girl’s Jiho went first. She acknowledged that for girl groups, Girls’ Generation was the ultimate role model and she confidently revealed that she will be able to dance to any of their songs, regardless of which one they put on. Sooyoung came to dance next to her and as soon as the first song came on, “Mr. Mr.,” Jiho actually recognized the song first and started dancing!

Sooyoung Girls Generation Jihyo Oh My Girl

No matter what song came on, from “The Boys” to “Gee,” Jiho shocked the cast members of the show with her perfect choreography. Sooyoung was even caught sneaking a few glances at her dancing to make sure she was correct! Sooyoung happily acknowledged that she was impressed with Jiho’s dancing and shared some of her food with her.

Not one to be outdone, Ye Jung Hwa also chimed in that she is able to dance to a Girls’ Generation song as well. She said she can dance to “Lion Heart,” and as soon as the music came on, the cast members laughed as they saw Ye Jung Hwa’s stiff choreography and awkward hand motions.

Ye Jung Hwa

Girls Generation Sooyoung

Moon Hee Jun asked Sooyoung if she could dance next to her after she finished her bowl of makgulli (rice wine), and Sooyoung happily agreed. Sooyoung came to join her and the cast members realized that Ye Jung Hwa’s dancing was, in fact, accurate! She did memorize all of the choreography, but it was just that she did not look as comfortable dancing it. Nonetheless, she was commended for brave dancing, although Sooyoung chimed in, “Because her body is so pretty, I thought she would dance really well…”

Ye Jung Hwa Sooyoung

Check out the dances below!

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