SoDa Siblings Tackle Snow Sledding Old-School Style On “The Return Of Superman”

Beloved siblings So Eul and Da Eul, the adorable children of actor Lee Beom Soo, go sledding in the next episode of the popular KBS variety show “The Return of Superman”!

The February 5 episode of the show features the concept of “daddy is the best playground” and shows Lee Beom Soo’s family going to Gangwon province to enjoy a short vacation.

So Eul Da Eul Lee Beom Soo

Lee Beom Soo decides to take his kids sledding but it’s not just any regular sledding! He fashions a sled using old fertilizer burlap bags and decides to show his kids how its done.

Once the SoDa siblings get to sled, they sure enough have a lot of fun. So Eul slides down fearlessly like an action star, making her father exclaim in surprise, while Da Eul yells out, “I’m not scared!” as he enjoys the speed of the sledding.

Catch up the latest episode on Viki:

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