Suzy Grabs 2nd Win For “Pretend” On “Music Bank,” Performances By Red Velvet, AOA, CLC, And More

Congratulations to Suzy for winning No. 1 with “Pretend” on the February 3 broadcast of “Music Bank,” despite not appearing on the show. Suzy finished with 3,986 points, while TWICE, coming in second with “TT,” scored 3,546.

The list of performers for this week include Huh Gak, Red Velvet, Shin Ji Hoon, MASC, Cosmic Girls, VARSITY, Niel, Seohyun, AOA, BP Rania, CLC, Go Na Young, DreamCatcher, Bonus Baby, Sonamoo, I, APRIL, Hello Venus, Top Secret, INA, and WALWARI.

The groups/artists making comeback performances this week were Huh Gak, Red Velvet, Shin JI Hoon, and MASC.

See the performances below!

Red Velvet – “Rookie”

Red Velvet – “Little Little”

CLC – “Hobgoblin”

AOA – “Excuse Me”

Seohyun – “Don’t Say No”

Hello Venus – “Mysterious”

Sonamoo – “I Think I Love U”

Cosmic Girls – “I Wish”

VARISTY – “U R My Only One”

APRIL – “April Story”

Niel – “Love Affair”

DreamCatcher – “Chase Me”

BP Rania – “Start a Fire”

Bonus Baby – “Urikiri”

Huh Gak – “Miss You”

I – “I Wish”

WALWARI – “Hakuna Matata”

Top Secret – “She”

INA – “Rainbow”

Koh Na Young – “Cold Night, You Were Warm”

Shin Ji Hoon – “You Are a Star Already”

MASC – “Tina”

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