BEATWIN To Make Comeback With Their First-Ever Ballad Song

Boy group BEATWIN will be greeting their fans with a new ballad song.

This is their first comeback in two months after they promoted with “Rising Sun” in December. They will be releasing their new ballad song “Don’t Leave” (tentative title) on February 10, which is their first ballad ever since their debut in 2014.

This new song has a pop vibe and the soothing melody brings out the members’ vocals. This single, just like their past ones, also includes narrations and raps that were made by the members themselves.

BEATWIN has received love for their bright and youthful images. The fans are curious to see what kind of concept they came up with this time.

BEATWIN’s agency stated, “BEATWIN will show their signature ballad style [with their comeback song.] Please look forward to their comeback.”

Are you excited to hear their first-ever ballad song?

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