FTISLAND Kicks Off 10th Year Since Debut With Announcement Of 10-Part Project

A group staying together for a decade, even with member changes, is no easy feat.

FTISLAND will be celebrating their 10th anniversary since their debut this upcoming June 7, and they have many special events planned just for their fans!

On February 3, their agency FNC Entertainment announced the band will be holding “The 10Ten Project” over the next few months, with 10 “hidden treasures” awaiting fans.

According to the officially released poster, the first part of this large scale project will feature members Minhwan and Seunghyun in something called, “The Stories of Two Men in February” (tentative). The exact nature of this “gift” is unknown, but it will be released on February 5.

As expected, the other nine parts of this project have been hidden for now.

The band members are also busy with preparations to release their 10th debut anniversary album sometime this year.

Are you excited about what’s in store for FTISLAND in 2017?

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