INFINITE’s Dongwoo Is Amazed At How Close The Members Have Grown Since Their Debut

On February 3, INFINITE conducted a special “Global Artist Top 10” V app live broadcast and had a chance to communicate with the fans.

Dongwoo told the fans that they spent the holidays well, saying, “All the members had a meal together on the day before Lunar New Year. It was cool and touching to realize that we were able to understand and relate to one another no matter what subject we were on.”

It’s been seven years since INFINITE debuted, and the members are now closer than ever before.


Sunggyu commented, “It’s funny you say that because I don’t remember being able to talk to you. You kept ordering more meat,” and laughed. Dongwoo replied, “I just liked hearing the members talk.”

INFINITE also talked about their upcoming fan meeting “INFINITE Rally 3,” saying, “We are working really hard to prepare for it. It even makes us anticipate the event.”

INFINITE’s “INFINITE Rally 3” will be held in Seoul on March 3 and 4.

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