SF9 Sneakily Releases Polaroid Images From “Roar” MV Filming Ahead Of Release

With just a couple days left until their newest release drops, SF9 had a special gift waiting for their fans!

On February 4, their agency FNC Entertainment uploaded a mysterious post on Twitter, causing utter confusion.

In the end, the image turned out to be a hint for what to look for when visiting SF9’s official site. The same 100% symbol lead to a series of polaroids taken onsite while filming their music video “Roar.”

SF9 Young Bin SF9 Insung SF9 3 SF9 4 SF9 5 SF9 6 SF9 7 SF9 8 SF9 9

The group also previously revealed teasers for the actual music video itself, as well as a highlight melody.

Are you to finally see and hear “Roar” when it comes out on February 6?