Lee El Cries While Narrating Gong Yoo And Kim Go Eun’s Love Story In “Goblin” Special

February 3, the first of two special episodes for “Goblin” hit the air, easing the blow that the end of the drama brought many viewers.

In this episode, Lee El, who played the Samshin grandma in “Goblin,” introduces Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) and Kim Shin’s (Gong Yoo‘s) love story.

lee el goblin

Getting into character as the Samshin grandma, she says, “There are little ones that I blessed [the world with]. Kim Shin felt [romantic] love for the first time with Ji Eun Tak.”

“Though it hurt, for my kids, I had no choice but to intervene in their love story,” she said.

When talking about the moment when Kim Shin vanished, she said, “Though regretful, I could do nothing but watch.” At this moment, Lee El, caught up in the story and overcome with emotion, can’t hold back her tears.

goblin gong yoo kim go eun

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