Lee Guk Joo Gets Jealous Of Sleepy’s Growing Popularity Amongst Women In “We Got Married”

The episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” that aired on February 4 followed Sleepy as he worked as a part-time worker at Lee Guk Joo‘s restaurant for one day.

Sleepy was able to make up for his inexperience with his amiable attitude, and he especially received a lot of love from the female customers.

It seemed that Lee Guk Joo didn’t like this. As she handed him an energy drink, she said, “Don’t flirt with the female customers and don’t talk with the female part-time workers.”

Lee Guk Joo

She confessed during her interview, “There has been an increase in women who are taking an interest in him [Sleepy]. Though it makes me a little green with jealousy, it also makes me feel good because he’s getting more love.”

Lee Guk Joo also added, “People tell me that they’re envious of us and we make them want to get married. When they ask for photos, they want to take it with both of us, and that makes me feel good.”


Lee Guk Joo 2

During his time at Lee Guk Joo’s restaurant, Sleepy worked hard to keep up his wife’s reputation, and she watched over him with a proud expression on her face. The comedienne stated, “He was very careful with the customers. I didn’t have to worry about him because he did so well on his own.” Sleepy revealed that he felt a lot of responsibility, as if the restaurant was his own.

Catch up with the latest episode of “We Got Married” below!

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