Behind-The-Scenes Stills From “Defendant” Explore Uhm Ki Joon’s True Personality

Behind-the-scenes still cuts from “Defendant” have been released, revealing just how different Uhm Ki Joon’s true personality is from his character, the brutally cruel but undeniable Cha Min Ho.

Uhm Ki Joon

The photos show the actor reading and studying his script right up till the moment the cameras roll, and he can also be seen deep in discussion with the makeup crew to make his scenes more natural.

Still cuts from the memorable fencing scene in episode 4 are captivating. Uhm Ki Joon can be seen concentrating as the fencers coach him, and he is completely serious during rehearsals. Unlike Cha Min Ho, who gets scared just looking at the tip of a fencing sword because he has a fear of needles, the actor can be scene roaming the set with excitement written all over his face.

Uhm Ki Joon 3

The staff stated, “He’s an actor who is always prepared, and when he appears on set, he roams around and brightens the atmosphere. Though he’s the bad guy in the drama, he’s actually a kindhearted actor who supports and watches over the cast and crew.”

They continued to add, “Once the cameras start rolling, he focuses on his acting and perfects every scene with subtlety. Though he’s a character who’s easy to hate, we think viewers are drawn to Cha Min Ho because of Uhm Ki Joon’s charm. From episode 5, we will begin exploring why Cha Min Ho has deviated so much from the right path, so please anticipate it.”

“Defendant” is currently dominating its Monday-Tuesday time slot, hitting nationwide ratings of 20.8 percent in episode 4, and peaking at 22.8 percent in real-time ratings.

Check out “Defendant” below!

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