Ga In Names The AOA Member She Thinks Resembles Her The Most

During the February 4 episode of “Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend,” Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In named the AOA member that seems most like her.

This episode was an Uhm Jung Hwa special and had singers going head-to-head to give their best renditions of the diva’s best hits.

During the broadcast, Ga In said, “I’m such a big fan of Uhm Jung Hwa. And so I was a bit worried that she might like AOA more.”

aoa ga in

Moon Hee Jun then asked her, “Is there a member in AOA that you think resembles you? One that makes you think they have a similar sexy aura on stage?”

Ga In answered, “I really like all of them! These days, I’ve noticed that ChoA dances in a bit of a sexy way to ‘Excuse Me’ and does a great job at the dance.” ChoA smiled and bowed to her in thanks for the compliment, and then the group showed off a bit of their dance from “Excuse Me.”

AOA and Ga In later gave their best covers of Uhm Jung Hwa’s classic hits, with AOA performing “Festival” and Ga In taking on “Invitation.”

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