SHINee’s Minho Says Playing His Role In “Hwarang” Has Changed His Own Romantic Tendencies

SHINee’s Minho sat down for an interview on February 4’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” during which he talked about the effect of playing his role of Suho in the KBS drama “Hwarang.”

The reporter asked Minho if he is similar to his character in that he falls in love quickly. “I wasn’t like that before,” replied Minho. “But now that I’ve played the character of Suho in ‘Hwarang,’ I think I’ve changed a bit.”

Minho was then asked what kind of person he tends to fall for. “Someone who works really hard at their own work,” he answered.

The reporter said that it sounded like herself, and then looked embarrassed as she laughed at the awkwardness of her joke. However, Minho laughed and kindly saved her by running with it enthusiastically. “That’s true!” he replied as they both laughed. “Just a moment ago, I was so close to falling for you.”

minho 2

Watch the first episode of “Hwarang” below!

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