Kim Heechul Reveals How Super Junior Ensures That They Don’t Date The Same Girl

Kim Heechul revealed the strategy that Super Junior uses to make sure that they’re not interested in the same girls!

On the February 3 episode of Channel A’s “Singderella,” Kim Heechul shared that the Super Junior members always tell each other if there is a girl that they like. He said, “If I get a girlfriend, I tell my members. It’s to make sure that I don’t overlap with them. Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet. I think our tastes in girls are all different.”

He continued, “If one of our members likes someone, this is what happens. If they like Cheng Xiao in Cosmic Girls, they’ll say, “I think Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao is really nice.”

Lee Soo Geun then joked, “What if you both say the same name and jinx each other?” to which Kim Heechul replied, “Then it’s whoever finds all the colors of the rainbow first,” cracking up everyone on set.

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