VIXX’s Ravi Surprises Niel And Park Kyung With His Answer On The Positives Of Promoting Solo

VIXX member Ravi recently shared what he thinks is the most positive part of promoting solo.

On the February 4 episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Teen Top’s Niel, Block B’s Park Kyung, and VIXX’s Ravi sat down for an interview. The three idol members, who are currently promoting as solo artists, talked about solo promotions and their individual charms.

When the MC asked Ravi what the most positive thing about promoting solo was, he replied, “I got a lot of calls from female celebrities.” His answer shocked both Niel and Park Kyung, and he clarified, “I didn’t [actually] get calls, but I did receive news that a lot of female celebrities became interested [in me].”

Niel then comically said, “I’m promoting too, but I don’t get any [calls]. I do get calls from my parents once in a while though, and they say they like my stage,” causing Park Kyung and Ravi to crack up.

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